Emotional Intelligence and Academic Success

Emotional intelligence is important as it relates to academic success according to a new study. Emotional intelligences are not just important for the workplace but also for the school. Dignity Revolution focuses on social and emotional competencies as it relates to student’s emotional intelligence. Our goal is to build empathy and relationship through hands-on activities[…]

Your Reflection Upon Reflection

What do you see when you look in the mirror? It shouldn’t be overly surprising or concerning for that matter. You should see you staring back at you. Shocking right? When was the last time your reflection felt appreciation? Much like a motivational quote that six months ago filled you inspirationally and now threatens to[…]

World Kindness Day!

Today is World Kindness Day!! If people treat you rudely, it is on them. If you treat people rudely, it is on you. Often we find ourselves excusing it in the sense that they started or instigated the rudeness. How quickly we turn back the clock in both age and maturity when we feel wronged.[…]