Cultural Shift for the Better

Do you feel like you are spending way more time reacting than teaching? You are definitely not alone. Some schools have been in person since the start of the year, others are just returning, and some are still all online.

The pandemic, cultural shifts, and new technologies have brought significant disruptions to our schools and communities. Although we have started to feel normal you might also feel like you are on a moving treadmill that never stops. How do you try to implement items to be proactive and plan, rather than being reactive to what is happening? Imagine in our ever-changing world that you could stop and start taking advantage of forward moving activities and be proactive as it relates to students mental health.

We want to be part of the change. We want to help you help youth. 

We are moving together to give you the latest and greatest for the sake of youth. Be part of the cultural shift to help students for the better.


By: Joyel Vandenboogart