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Deborah Tackmann is an exemplary teacher with more than 40 years of experience as a health and physical education instructor. Her professional development training makes her audience think and laugh. She also energizes and empowers teachers to be the best professionals they can be. She has received two National Health Educator of the Year Awards from the American School Health Association and American Association for Health Education, as well as a National Exemplary Bullying Program and Individual Award. In 2012, Deb became the first teacher from Wisconsin to be inducted into the National Teacher Hall of Fame. Her passion to inspire and empower others to lead happy, healthy, and successful lives has led to many accomplishments, including being recognized as one of the top teachers in the nation by USA Today. In addition to giving presentations in over thirty-five states, Deb was a presenter at the 2012 National Conference on Bullying, sponsored by the School Safety Advocacy Council. As an author, health consultant, coach, adjunct university faculty member and mother of three, Deb has dedicated her life to making a positive difference in the lives of children…one child at a time.

Join us for a professional development training day featuring Deb Tackmann. Learn essential K-12 bullying prevention strategies which can be customized for your classroom.This authentic and powerful workshop will train teachers through the use of standards-based, hands on activities and lessons will not disappoint. You will walk away with lessons you can use to discuss mental health and wellness of our youth.

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The Book: ‘Dignity Revolution’

Bob Lenz, one of America’s top school assembly speakers, teams with national award-winning educator Deborah Tackmann, B.S., M.E.P.D, to tackle the issue of bullying. Dignity Revolution is a valuable resource for parents, students, and educators dealing with this important issue. This book will inspire students to stand up and make a difference and equip them with life skills to face and overcome challenges. It will bring hope and empowerment to those being bullied. Dignity Revolution also provides practical, proven, and tested tools for teachers, schools, and parents for guiding students toward embracing a new system, declaring that everyone has worth and value. It brings to the forefront what life could be for all of us when every person is valued and offered dignity.