Back Pain

I got out of the car coming home from work and felt shooting pain down my leg. I had not done anything prior to this (that I knew of), but as I stepped down immediately pain shot down my leg. Whimpering, I tried to play it cool, but every movement I made, I felt the[…]

It’s a Cry Out

Stop getting after people, For not fitting your race driven HOA It would be a boring world, If we all looked, talked and felt the exact same way. Stand up, speak out and say it’s not OK. This intolerance of tolerance can’t go on another day. Where will you tell your kids you were On[…]

May & Mental Health Awareness

What have you done to improve your mental health this month? How have you reflected on your current state of mind?  With everything going on in the world, it is easy to get tangled up in the scary stories and concerning articles. Whether or not we know it, our mental health is being tampered with[…]

Safer at home? By Anna Brayton

Something that’s been heavy on my heart. • I’ve had kids live in my home because it was DANGEROUS in their home.  • Safe at home is ONLY SAFE if you are PRIVILEGED to have a safe home.  • Before you shame someone for questioning the safer at home view, take a moment and respect[…]

Brain Breaks

Are you on meeting overload? Do you feel like your students aren’t able to pay attention during this time. We need to keep making sure we are taking care of our mental health and wellness. How are you engaging your brain during this time. When I was a second grade teacher we would do “Brain[…]

Healthy in Quarantine

Hey Everyone during this time it is SUPER IMPORTANT to REMEMBER that there are very good things that we can all do to stay healthy and not focus on the fear of this time.   Our bodies are designed to be able to do what they were created to do…GOOD NUTRITION and MOVING OUR BODIES will[…]

“I’m So Bored!”

As the pandemic unfolds, we are staying in our homes longer and longer. Even though it is very easy to drown in a sea of boredom, we want to encourage you to do some productive and potentially fun activities during this time! Now, we do not mean, clean your room or re-organize a closet for[…]