Disconnecting from a Plugged in World

Disconnecting from a Plugged in World In a world constantly growing in technology, it has become easier to get sucked into the digital world. While there are advantages to the technological advances, there are also more dangerous situations that grow. It has become more common to live your life in the digital world and forget[…]

How Much is Too Much?

Most people you ask what sports or activities they did growing up will list off several different things they tried or participated in. As you get more into middle and high school things get cut out and you start narrowing down to the activities you like the most. However, many teens still find themselves overcommitted[…]

Are You Responsible?

“Are You Responsible?” Excerpt from Out of the Fowler’s Snare Chapter 35 p. 188-189 One problem with bullying is that victims are not always in your classroom or in your personal care. It doesn’t take long for most bullies to figure out that this is not something appropriate to do in front of grownups. The[…]

Bullying: The Hot Topic

“Bullying: The Hot Topic” Excerpt from Out of the Fowler’s Snare Chapter 35 p. 190-191 In recent years bullying has been a very hot topic in the national and world media. Cyberbullying has added new and ugly dimensions to an already serious life-impacting problem. I can’t even imagine how much worse my life could have[…]


“The Parents’ Role” Excerpt from Out of the Fowler’s Snare Chapter 35 page 189-190 The vast majority of parents want the schools to deal with bullies. They are horrified to hear that their sweet innocent child might actually have a tendency toward being a bully. Most parents will work determinedly with the schools to avoid[…]