Dignity Revolution Challenge Dignity Revolution Challenge

A testimony from Hitchcock-Tulare, SD school implementing the Dignity Revolution Challenge in their school.

Dignity Revolution Challenge (DRC) is a K-12 evidence-based curriculum purposefully aligned with the National Health Standards. DRC is customizable with interactive hands-on lessons designed for schools across the nation to launch social change and inspire their community. Through the program, students and educators understand the worth, value and dignity of every person, which in turns creates a school atmosphere that is safe and welcoming. DRC was intentionally created with over 70 activities to allow each school to customize the program based on their trends and needs. Our staff provides support and resources for schools to create a foundation of success and establish the program to strengthen their efforts.

The purpose of DRC is to aid students and teachers in understanding the worth, value, and dignity of every person. It can be customized to fit your school’s needs to reach the following target goals:

Number Circle 1Students will understand the impact of hurtful behavior on their physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being.

Number Circle 2Students will know who, how, and where to report bullying incidents and will be encouraged to be upstanders, not bystanders.

Number Circle 3Students will gain skills to stand up for the intrinsic value of every person and will be empowered to daily live out the Dignity Revolution Pledge.


Dignity Revolution Challenge (DRC) Middle & High School Edition is evidence-based curriculum purposefully aligned with the National Health Standards.  In July of 2019 this program became evidence-based aligning with our target skills above. This curriculum has over 30 hands-on lessons that deal with tough issues facing our youth.

Dignity Revolution Challenge was created by Deborah L. Tackmann (2012 National Teacher Hall of Fame Inductee), Bob Lenz (International Speaker and Author), Joyel Vandenboogart (Director of Dignity Revolution) and a team of experienced teachers. It was created based on the belief that students can change the world and that a simple encounter with love can motivate students to treat others with dignity and respect.

Dignity Revolution teaches students how to recognize, report, and intervene in a bullying situation, but it is not your typical “recognize and prevent” bullying program. Dignity Revolution provides a holistic approach to a very serious problem among our youth. It teaches students who are bullied to recognize and embrace the dignity and value they hold as a unique individual, as well as how to stand up to bullying. Teaching those who are exhibiting bullying behavior recognize their own value and dignity is a mission we hope to create. When students recognize their own value, they more readily recognize and embrace the value of others.

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Overview of Activities

Dignity Revolution Challenge includes core activities and the prepared materials and supplies for these activities. After completing the core activities, supplemental activities are included to reinforce concepts. All activities have been created based on National Health Standards which are embedded within the lessons and take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Below is a brief description of a few core activities.


DICE GAME helps students improve interpersonal communication skills through the use of dice, which enables them to discover and share authentic emotions and feelings.

National Standards: 4.5.1; 4.8.1


MISSION POSSIBLE uses balloons, markers, and group interaction to help students understand the social, emotional, and physical impact stress and bullying can have on our health. It is important for students to identify signs and health risks so they can manage it in a healthy way.

National Standards: 1.5.1; 1.8.1; 1.8.3; 1.12.3


UNTANGLED teaches “I Messages” to empower students to get out of difficult situations by using a team-building activity as an illustration. Untangled uses yarn and a touch of magic to demonstrate the steps needed to intervene when one is the target of bullying or harassment.
National Standards: 3.8.4, 4.8.1, 4.8.2, 4.8.3, 7.8.2


BONDING BANDAGES challenges students to change the prominent negativity in our society by being positive with their thoughts, words, and actions for a minimum of 24 hours through the use of a bandage as a visual aid.
National Standards: 2.8.5, 2.8.3, 4.8.1


ENCOURAGEMENT BUBBLES impact the culture of the entire school through authentic and personal student focused affirmations. Student leaders create one bubble with specific, encouraging affirmation for every person in the school which are displayed in a prominent location.

National Standards: 2.8.3


DIGNITY RIBBONS create a practical reminder that one in five students are bullied at any given time. To demonstrate this statistic, a magnetic ribbon is placed on every fifth locker.

National Standards: 1.5.5, 3.8.2


PLEDGE SIGNING encourages all students to stand up for the value of every person. Students will organize a time and place for everyone to sign the pledge banner and hang it prominently in the school as a daily reminder of the Dignity Revolution they’re a part of.

The most effective way to implement your own Dignity Revolution is by combining the following elements: