Part 2

Maggie Frank, LPC Ardent Counseling Suicide continues to be one of the leading causes of death among teens and young adults. Somewhere, the ability to cope, communicate, and ask for help gives way, and unhealthy ways of coping with difficult situations arise. This short document is intended to help us all think more on[…]

Power of the Positive Teacher

As I sit at my computer typing these words, my heart is burdened by the growing list of scary and depressing things happening in America‚Äôs schools. The incidence of bullying and violence on campus is raging out of control. We read stories (or sadly, experience it first hand on our campus) the rise in teen[…]

Disconnecting from a Plugged in World

Disconnecting from a Plugged in World In a world constantly growing in technology, it has become easier to get sucked into the digital world. While there are advantages to the technological advances, there are also more dangerous situations that grow. It has become more common to live your life in the digital world and forget[…]

How Much is Too Much?

Most people you ask what sports or activities they did growing up will list off several different things they tried or participated in. As you get more into middle and high school things get cut out and you start narrowing down to the activities you like the most. However, many teens still find themselves overcommitted[…]