How Can I Help? 

When we see that someone is struggling with their mental health, it can often be intimidating to address these concerns. We don’t want to alarm the person or make them think that something is wrong with them, but we also know that getting help is often needed. Below, we’ve listed 5 different ways that you[…]

Stress & Control 

Stress is something that at one point in our lives we will all experience. Levels of stress vary from person to person, but a lot of times our stress boils down to one thing: control. We seek to control so many aspects of our life, and when we have to let go of that control or we[…]

Men & Emotions

You might be familiar with the concept of gender norms and stereotypes. They’ve existed for generations, and in many ways, they control our world. Some examples of gender norms include the expectation that women are the ones to do housework like dishes and laundry, while men do the manual labor like mowing the lawn and fixing the[…]

Social Isolation and Loneliness 

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, it’s been important for us to socially distance in order to keep ourselves and our communities safe. However, doing so has led to an increasingly high rate of individuals feeling isolated and lonely. Some might say “Why care about isolation and loneliness when there are thousands dying from this disease?” While this is 100% valid, it’s[…]

Stress Vs. Anxiety

The terms “stress” and “anxiety” are both words that are used commonly in our language. They’re often used interchangeably, but this doesn’t mean that they’re the same thing. In fact, while the two can have the same symptoms, there are significant differences between stress and anxiety that are important to understand.   When we think of stress[…]

3 Back to School Tips for Students 

Establish an Enjoyable Routine.  We’ve all heard that it’s important to get into a routine. But what makes routines even better is when it’s filled with things that we enjoy. For me, part of my daily routine includes going to a workout class and stopping at Starbucks! These are two things that I enjoy and that I look[…]

Overscheduling & Burnout

One of my favorite feelings is feeling organized. I love feeling like my days are planned and organized… but what does OVERscheduling look like? Overscheduling happens when we book our days FULL leaving zero time for ourselves. It’s when we get up at 5, go to school early for baseball practice, do school for 7 hours, stay[…]

8 Ideas for Self-Care

Self-care is what we do to stay well physically, mentally, and emotionally. Self-care is not selfish, but rather allows us to show up more fully for the people in our lives. We’ve come up with 8 ideas for self-care that YOU can do to strengthen YOUR mental health.   Use your senses: What do you[…]