Thank you!

“Thank you!” These are words you probably do not hear nearly enough. We know you have been working so hard to lead your students during these unprecedented times. It has been challenging, stressful and overwhelming. We want you to know you are not alone, that you have a team of people here who wants to[…]

Why Not Me?

Is there something in your life that you desperately want? Is there something you really want to achieve? Some people want to get into a certain school; some people want to work for a specific corporation; some people want to travel to a chosen location; some people simply want to pass a difficult class in[…]


Have you heard of the ‘20in20’ project? For the last 20 days of October (12th-31st), Dignity Revolution is partnering with ‘Every Student, Every School’ to bring the message of hope and caring for others to various students across the country! To do this, we created 1 minute video messages for each of these 20 days![…]

You Are…

You are loved.  You are important.  You are valued.  You are amazing. You are capable.   You are enough.  You are beautiful.  You are strong.  You are the best version of you and we cannot wait to watch you thrive.   Call the Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 if you need to talk. 

Exclusively Inclusive

One day, when my mom picked me and my two siblings up from school, my little sister entered the car and instantly began to cry. My mom turned around to face her and asked, “What’s wrong, honey?” My sister then proceeded to tell us that two of her classmates said that she cannot be friends[…]

Good New(s)

Picture this: It’s 7:00 a.m. and you are getting ready for the workday ahead. As soon as you wake up, you find out your phone didn’t charge overnight, so it is sitting at a whopping 18%.  Then, you go to the kitchen to make your breakfast and realize you completely forgot to buy more eggs.[…]

Worst Critics – Party of One

If I wrote out a list of all the people who regularly criticized me it would simply be a waste of paper and ink. There would only be one name written across the sheet and it would be my own. Ever since I was little, I found myself criticizing myself every day and all the time. I would have a conversation with one of my classmates and[…]

Back Pain

I got out of the car coming home from work and felt shooting pain down my leg. I had not done anything prior to this (that I knew of), but as I stepped down immediately pain shot down my leg. Whimpering, I tried to play it cool, but every movement I made, I felt the[…]