Take Back 2021 Like a Boss!

Yesterday, as we were discussing the events at our Nation’s Capitol, one of my students commented “I’m tired of living in unprecedented times… Can’t we just go back to 2014?” And a part of my heart felt the same. 2021 has already hit many of us with personal pain, uncertainty and frustration. Anger and sadness[…]

A Grateful Perspective

Thanksgiving and Christmas is over but our gratitude doesn’t have to be. Finding time to appreciate the goodness in our lives takes practice. Just like exercise, you need to practice your gratitude muscles. When you continue to do this you can rewire your brain towards positive emotions rather than the negative feelings of anxiety, depression,[…]

Family Time

During the holiday season did you take time to unplug and just be? Did you take time to play charades with your family and put your phones away as you enjoyed a yummy meal? These are crucial in building bonds and healthy relationships. For example, at my house, my girls are very good at reminding[…]


When students have gone through trauma, learning is severely hindered. In this season, there is a lot of compounding existing unaddressed traumas in our students lives. Each part of a students brain is altered when they experience trauma. We are living in a world that the layers of trauma are building and the students who[…]

2020 Memory

Is anything ever as good as we remember? I believe we tend to live in the glass half empty and remember with a glass half full. We pine for a glory of yesterday while bemoaning the imminent dread that accompanies the daily taxing of our essential responsibilities. The year 2020 presents a unique opportunity to[…]


Are you taking care of yourself? During this season it is easy to put your needs below as you try to help others walk through this season. As a teacher you are probably overly tired, short tempered and just wanting to shutdown or disconnect. Do you feel like this? Are you lacking motivation yourself? These[…]


Every Child Whole, LLC has life principles they share everyone matter, everything connects and everything counts. This is a key truth that Dignity Revolution holds as well. Every Child Whole talks about trauma and resilience which is so prevalent in our schools today. Resilience is about being able to bounce back from difficult situations and[…]

Thank you!

“Thank you!” These are words you probably do not hear nearly enough. We know you have been working so hard to lead your students during these unprecedented times. It has been challenging, stressful and overwhelming. We want you to know you are not alone, that you have a team of people here who wants to[…]

Why Not Me?

Is there something in your life that you desperately want? Is there something you really want to achieve? Some people want to get into a certain school; some people want to work for a specific corporation; some people want to travel to a chosen location; some people simply want to pass a difficult class in[…]