Overscheduling & Burnout

One of my favorite feelings is feeling organized. I love feeling like my days are planned and organized… but what does OVERscheduling look like? Overscheduling happens when we book our days FULL leaving zero time for ourselves. It’s when we get up at 5, go to school early for baseball practice, do school for 7 hours, stay[…]

8 Ideas for Self-Care

Self-care is what we do to stay well physically, mentally, and emotionally. Self-care is not selfish, but rather allows us to show up more fully for the people in our lives. We’ve come up with 8 ideas for self-care that YOU can do to strengthen YOUR mental health.   Use your senses: What do you[…]

Tackling Fear

We all know fear. Some of us feel fear when we’re about to take a big exam. Some of us feel fear when we must get up and do a speech for public speaking class. Some of us feel it when we’re having struggles within our friendships and relationships. We all experience fear in different[…]

Music Spotlight: Tera Townsend

Since my “other” job is working with educators, I am keenly aware of bullying and the effects it has on a person. Tera Townsend is a singer, songwriter, and musician from small-town in Tennessee. She grew up with a speaking disability and ADHD and was mocked and bullied as a child/teen because of her disability.[…]


There is something wrong in our nation today. Anytime someone gets caught doing something wrong, it’s never their fault. Don’t get me wrong, I love our country, but there is something wrong. We are the only place in the world were someone can sue McDonald’s for being overweight. “This isn’t my fault. I was in[…]