Perks of Volunteering

Perks of Volunteering By: Emily Roofner Have you ever considered volunteering some of your time to something outside of your normal activities? A great way to step out of your comfort zone and expand your circle is to volunteer. It doesn’t have to be something that requires a ton of hours. It doesn’t even have[…]

Never Surrender

“Do you know what it’s like when you’re scared to see yourself?” I still remember the moment I heard those lyrics. It gave me chills. I listened on and it came to a part that said “do you know what it feels like to be your own worst enemy?”. I started crying thinking yes I[…]

Turning Shrugs Into Conversations

My Godson is in 3rd grade this year. Funny thing happened somewhere along the way this year, when I ask him how his day was or inquire on how he is feeling, the answers got much shorter and void of detail. The day would be “fine” or “great,” which didn’t seem that bad after *the[…]

You Matter

You matter! Do you know what you’re worth? Not in terms of money or belongings—those may seem important to the culture we live in, but they’re not the true measure of a person’s value. Your worth is in your unique character, your personality, and the talents you have to offer the world. This isn’t a[…]

Part 2

Maggie Frank, LPC Ardent Counseling Suicide continues to be one of the leading causes of death among teens and young adults. Somewhere, the ability to cope, communicate, and ask for help gives way, and unhealthy ways of coping with difficult situations arise. This short document is intended to help us all think more on[…]

Power of the Positive Teacher

As I sit at my computer typing these words, my heart is burdened by the growing list of scary and depressing things happening in America’s schools. The incidence of bullying and violence on campus is raging out of control. We read stories (or sadly, experience it first hand on our campus) the rise in teen[…]