Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers in Wisconsin are on day 10 of COVID-19 lockdown.  My alarm goes off at 0330 every morning so I can make it to work before day shift employees arrive to get “screened” before entering the building.  Every morning I think… is this real?? We spend hours everyday connecting with CDC, Wisconsin Dept of[…]


It’s hard to describe the feelings today. Mourning is probably what I am experiencing. As I sit at my desk at school preparing to leave for more than a month…and, who knows, maybe longer…I weep.  I didn’t get to say goodbye to my little ones. I don’t know if they are ok. I don’t know[…]

Right Now

In light of what is happening right now in the public arena in regards with the coronavirus (COVID-19), the low income families who rely on free and reduce meals, families who work outside the home, and ALL of us are effected by this outbreak. Are you doing the best you can? I think we all[…]

Define and Identify

Bullying is when someone chooses to mistreat another individual and strip them of their dignity. Though that is the general way to describe bullying, there are many ways bullying can be done. It is important to know what types of bullying there are and how to help the target.  The first kind of bullying is[…]

Character by Maggie Frank

Character.  It is a word not used as often as it was even just 10 years ago.  But, what a need there is for people with character.  We are constantly defined by our character.  It is our attitude when we are approached for doing something wrong.  It is our spoken and unspoken attitude  toward the[…]

Breaking it Down: Respect (The Pledge pt. 1)

The first commitment for the Dignity Pledge is “To be kind, friendly, humane, compassionate, and thoughtful of others.” Sounds pretty great, right? But what does this really mean? What does it look like to really, truly commit to this statement?  Well, kindness, compassion, and thoughtfulness can look different depending on circumstances and individuals. However, these[…]