How to have Reopening Conversations with Elementary Students

Discussions and planning have begun regarding the reopening of schools this upcoming fall. These talks have centered with districts and schools across the state potentially operating with remote learning in conjunction with the eventual reopening for the health safety and wellness of students, families, educators, and staff. There are a number of strategies and considerations for school systems and communities to partner together. There is a restructuring, reconstructing, and redesigning what this looks like.

During chaotic times, leaders are acting as a guiding principle that are conducive to learning and safety.  It is important to look not only at the data as well as the school systems to decide what is best for your students and staff.

Within the mental health and wellness field, we know that remote learning cannot replace the face to face connection that students have with teachers, administrators and support staff. As a team of educators, we need to be equipping parents to have conversations with their students about what safely returning and online learning looks like. Use the tools we have in our toolbox to help make the best plan for your school or student.

One important factor we are using when talking with students with Dignity Revolution specifically is to talk about the implementation process while talking about their feelings. One lesson within the K-12 evidence based curriculum is called the Dice Game. This allows students to share how they are feeling during these difficult times. We practice our levels of communication by actively listening in order to be empathetic, flexible, and creative. We are working tirelessly to make the best plan for students in this journey.


By: Joyel Vandenboogart