Back Pain

I got out of the car coming home from work and felt shooting pain down my leg. I had not done anything prior to this (that I knew of), but as I stepped down immediately pain shot down my leg. Whimpering, I tried to play it cool, but every movement I made, I felt the pinch in my back. 

Fortunately, the plans I had for the night were canceled and my husband was already taking the girls. Relief was the feeling I had as I made some popcorn and gathered my stuff to hunker down and watch a movie. Pain continued constantly as I sat still or moved to find the position in which I was okay.

The following day at work I endured the pain and tried to act tough, but once the meds wore off I didn’t know how to maintain my cool. 

In this world I feel like we get “back pain” or unexpected turns. Especially during COVID-19, we have had to twist and turn. Have you found relief from this pain? Have you changed your schedule and found a new rhythm? What good has come out of this season?

I know for me it has been so good to do meals with my girls. Normally we are running from activity to meetings and now we have slowed down! Will you slow down and see the good? Not just the pain that has happened due to the change in pace? 


– Joyel Vandenboogart