Fighting Mental Illness Michael Heiling

The reality of fighting addiction, mental illness, bullying, and suicide is often times there is a focus put on treating symptoms. How can you take away the pain associated with these extremely difficult things? What I’ve been learning through my education at University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and my internship at Eau Claire county is that we can actually teach skills to individuals. Teaching skills can help minimize the events impact. One personally that has impacted me and my clients most is teaching and creating connection, relationship, and community. To me these aspects far exceeds any other form of treatment! As individuals we long to be accepted. When a person has healthy and mutual relationships with others, it strongly reduces the likelihood  of relapse, suicide attempt and mental breaks. So, today I challenge you to connect with someone. Spend time with them, be genuine in conversation. This simple act can be life changing. We all deserve love, we all deserve dignity!