A Revolution Begins with Your Resolution

A fellow student walks into the classroom, tears streaming from her eyes. Your heart breaks for her within moments of laying eyes on her red nose and damp cheeks. Here, you are faced with two choices: (1) Say nothing and leave her be or (2) check on her and see if she is okay. With compassion in your heart, you make the decision to approach her desk and ask the question: “Hey, you okay?” 

This is the resolution that can cultivate a revolution

We have all been hurt before…bullied, let down, stressed out, and burdened. All these things can toy with our mental health and steal our joy. Yet, by knowing this pain exists, we are able to feel compassion and empathize with others. This is our call to action. 

When you see someone suffering, being bullied, or hurting, make the courageous choice to step in. Make this your resolution. 

A resolution is defined as “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” Each and every day make the choice to DO SOMETHING. Stand up for the boy who is continuously bullied; eat lunch with the girl that usually sits alone; include a teammate in a fun get together; and ask the girl crying in her desk if she is okay. 

A resolution can start a revolution.

A revolution can change the world.