What is your DASH? By Eugene Seals

I chose to work with Dignity Revolution because we touch the lives of kids across the entire country. We have the ability to come into school and tell every kid they are valued. We get to encourage people to save lives. Dignity Revolution gives hope. I want my tombstone to say, “He loved the nations”! I wish I could give you a big hug every time you felt down; I wish I could be there every time you feel hopeless, but I want you to hear these words…I love you … YOU ARE LOVED! See, I want my tombstone to be the representation of what I stand for. I want my DASH to represent how I loved. The two dates that will be displayed on my tombstone will be connected by the most important thing on it –  the dash – it will represent how I lived my life. I am not perfect, I am broken…. I wasn’t always loved, people only cared for me when I was a popular athlete, but now I understand my value isn’t in what others think but who I am. It’s not in those who are around me, it’s not in what I do, it’s not in the way I look or dress or speak. You are a wonderfully made with a purpose. No one has to understand all the different parts that make you; you are wonderfully made and have a purpose on this earth.


So, what will you do with your DASH? Will you live BIG? Love BIG? Dream BIG? Make your dash worth it.