Social Media – TIME FACE TO FACE By: Jason Maupin


I had the opportunity this summer to speak about Mental Health. I was able to share my own journey and also how this generation that is growing up with social media is more likely to struggle with depression than any other generation.


For three reasons:

  1. They are seeing in real time if they are being left out of an event their friends have been invited to.
  2. They are spending too much time on Social Media sites resulting in guilt and shame.
  3. They are seeing everyone’s “highlight reel” and comparing themselves.


Students, now more than ever, are needing acceptance, affirmation, and attention, but they are trying to get these three A’s from the wrong source. They need to start to see their value somewhere else instead of Mark Zuckerberg’s eyes.

Author and speaker Ravi Zaccharias once said: “The loneliest moment is when you have just experienced that which has promised you the ultimate, and it has let you down.”


Students are realizing that social media is letting them down. It’s not bringing them happiness, love and connection as it has promised. No social media site can replace face-to-face human interaction. Social media is a great tool, but to be used in moderation, and certainly not to be the gauge to give us our value.


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