Let Kindness Win!

By: Kathy Lamb
A new school year is starting and each of you has a chance at a new beginning! What will
this year look like for you? We challenge you to make this your Personal Year of Kindness!
What will it take for you to choose to see the good in others, to be an encourager, to step in
when others are being treated poorly?
One of the activities in Dignity Revolution Challenge is Bonding Bandages – a 24 hour
Kindness Challenge. You are given a bandage and you can put it on your hand or, like me, on
your phone. That way, every time you see it, it will remind you of your pledge to only think,
say, and do kind things. How about instead of just 24 hours you choose a whole school
year!? What a difference you will make in your school, in your home, and in your
community! If you would like to order some of our bandages which have Dignity Revolution
printed on them, please go to our website www.DignityPledge.com/strore .
There are specific ideas you can try in your Personal Year of Kindness, such as:
1. Invite that student who sits alone at lunch to sit with you and your friends.
2. Write an encouraging note to someone that could use some kind words.
3. Thank an adult in your life who is a positive role model for you and others.
4. Stand up for someone who is being a target of bullying behavior.
5. Volunteer in your school, church, or community with an organization giving back to
6. Mentor a younger student who needs a positive role model.
7. Help around the house without being asked.
8. Apologize when you have hurt someone else or done something wrong.
9. Smile! You might just make someone’s day better!
10. Be the best YOU you can be!
How about inviting others to join you in this Personal Year of Kindness and encourage one another
and hold each other accountable. Talk about the challenges with choosing kindness instead of talking
poorly about others.
You can make a difference! YES, YOU! You are uniquely YOU and the world needs your smile, your
kindness, your voice! Be the change!
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