We have talked to so many of our teachers who are infusing the Dignity Revolution Challenge and we’re heartbroken with the pain and loss that this year has brought us all. Those who are in person have struggled to connect deeper because of new sanitation practices and having to have all of their items ready for the day on a cart because they no longer have a homeroom where they teach, but they are the movers to the next class. They are no longer able to have kids stay after class as they are off to the next class with no time to spare. Tensions are high and teaching is harder than ever.

We also hear from our teachers who are online and missing connections with their students. Some don’t even know what their kids look like as they have never turned on their cameras. And the sad reality is there are some students that have dropped out and are no longer getting the education they so desperately need.

Yet, I want to celebrate the fact that the creativity of how to connect continues to grow. There is a saying that says teachers are not in it for the income but for the outcomes! I 100% believe that is true of teachers. The outcome looks different than other years, but teachers continue to invest and find creative ways to care for students. Will you take time today to care for students needs and the pains that may be unspoken? Suicide, anxiety, and depression numbers are at an all time high… We can’t stay silent and we can’t back down on telling kids they matter. Will you join with us in adapting this to be YOUR mission. That EVERY person matters and every person has value. It’s time today to stop looking at the challenges but see the opportunity to be a light into the darkness and be a helping hand for a kid in need.