2020 has come to an end and has been a difficult year. It has stifled many opportunities and impacted lots of relationships. This year might have felt like a whirlwind, as things were changed and virtual and distance learning became the new norm. We want to make sure that teachers, staff, and students are taking care of themselves and creating good mental health and wellness patterns and coping strategies during this season. As we start this new year, many people make new goals. May one of your goals be taking care of yourself! Stress can come in many different forms and the symptoms of stress can range from isolation, eating more, memory problems, low energy, headaches, moodiness, feeling overwhelmed and so much more.

Here are some ways that you can help manage your stress and maintain good mental health. The best way would be to get good sleep. You can talk to a safe contact or trusted adult when you are not doing well. Maybe time some time to be physically active or move your body. Another way could be to listen to calming music, writing in a journal, read a good book, take a bath or hang out with some good friends. Will you change this year by taking care of yourself and your patterns of wellness?

By: Joyel Vandenboogart