Strategies for Better Health

This school year is continuing with challenges that we have never faced before. The mental health and wellness of our students needs to continue being our primary concern. Have you become more innovative than ever? We are in an ever changing market that demands us to become flexible problem solvers in this season. The burdens that our students are carrying are a lot, but so are the burdens of our teachers and families as well. We need to link arms and work as an entire community to access the knowledge and skills of all of us have to build a team worth fighting for. If we work as a community it will narrow or even close the gap of disparity of skills we so desperately need right now. At Dignity Revolution we’ve created a program that focuses on what is most important and make the lessons both interactive and fun, while packed with content that can change your school for the better. Everyone has a role to play in this next step of healing and reconciling what has been broken during this time. Let’s continue to work along side one another to build strategies and tools to make this world a better place.


By Joyel Vandenboogart