Right Now

In light of what is happening right now in the public arena in regards with the coronavirus (COVID-19), the low income families who rely on free and reduce meals, families who work outside the home, and ALL of us are effected by this outbreak.

Are you doing the best you can? I think we all are.

During this season there is a lot of potential harm that can happen, but what good can we take from this situation? What are things that we can spread that is better than germs?


Will you say hello? Give a smile? Let someone go ahead of you? Reach out to parents who need childcare? Help donate food? Bring meals to elderly people who can’t go out?

Or how about inside our families?

We are going to be in close quarters with one another and it is easy to come out sideways. Can we show compassion and love to one another? Can we take time to talk about our emotions and what we are feeling? Can we ask about a high and a low from the day to build a community of trust and love in the time of fear and uncertainty? Let’s pull out a board game, go for a walk, reading a story or do an art craft together and be intentional.