Ways to Stand Up for Yourself

Ways to Stand Up for Yourself

Are you facing individuals that are exhibiting bullying behaviors either in person or online? You do NOT need to put up with it.

Here are three ways to respond:
1. Stand up for yourself—literally.
Individuals who are exhibiting these behaviors feed off of people’s fear. The key is to react with courage. It is important to use “I Statements” rather than “You Statements” as they “You statements” put more logs on the fire. You can say “I feel frustrated when you repeatedly harass me, and I need you to stop!” This shows that you are not somebody who can be messed with easily.

2. Tell a trusted adult what’s happening.
Bullying should never be kept a secret. If someone threatens you with more harm for exposing her, she is probably scared and vulnerable, too. Talk to someone who can help bring the situation to light. Talk to a Safe Contact and bring them into the situation to share what is going on.

3. Be kind.
Often kids will bully other kids because they are struggling with their own feelings of hurt or rejection. Try treating bullies with undeserved kindness, and perhaps they will change their behavior—and learn how to be a friend.

Remember—bullying is never okay. You can help stop the cycle of bullying by showing strength, wisdom, and respect for others even in the face of insults.