Starting Another Year Off

For those of us who work in schools (teachers, school therapists,
counselors, paras), many of us started back up with a new school year.

Although we love what we do, anxiety creeps in, knowing the roller coaster will start soon. We get to work each morning and it’s ‘go’ time….needing to be prepped for those 30 eyes looking to us. We get a lot of slack from the outside world but man, I couldn’t be more proud of us and what we do! It’s SO much more than teaching these kids skills. We teach kids independence, social skills, and problem solving. We’re managing behaviors, shaping attitudes and guiding positive choices. We’re comforting the hurting and trying to breath life into the ones with low self esteem. We’re dealing with kids who struggle with depression, anxiety, disabilities, broken relationships….kids who are struggling with gender identity. We deal with difficult parents. We have growth charts and high standards that we are consistently trying to reach and evaluate. We have countless documentation and endless paperwork.

So…to my friends who work in a school…YOU are amazing!
Let’s encourage each other daily and fight the
good fight! Let’s love on these kids and remember
to never minimize our effect on them!