Take Back 2021 Like a Boss!

Yesterday, as we were discussing the events at our Nation’s Capitol, one of my students commented “I’m tired of living in unprecedented times… Can’t we just go back to 2014?” And a part of my heart felt the same.

2021 has already hit many of us with personal pain, uncertainty and frustration. Anger and sadness and unrest. The remnants of 2020 fresh in our hearts and hopes of a better start to a new year were quickly shattered. A pandemic that has left us feeling isolated, tired, scared and sad. Racial injustice, the burning of our communities and police brutality. The harm, destruction, and demoralization of our BIPOC brothers and sisters. A political climate so polarizing and harmful that many are afraid of what world their children and grandchildren will grow up in.

I hope this weekend can be a time to hold your loved ones close, a time to send a text or call someone who you love who is far away, a time of rest for weary souls, a time of action for angry hearts and minds. May this weekend bring even a sliver of peace and an ounce of hope of what could be.

And, if you just can’t deal, throw on some music from 2014, eat that ice cream, watch that crap tv show, and take back 2021 like a boss!

By Ashley Plank