“I’m So Bored!”

As the pandemic unfolds, we are staying in our homes longer and longer. Even though it is very easy to drown in a sea of boredom, we want to encourage you to do some productive and potentially fun activities during this time! Now, we do not mean, clean your room or re-organize a closet for the fourth time this week, but to continue living out the Dignity Pledge at home! 

The Dignity Pledge is all about instilling hope, value, and love in others, and even though you are unable to meet a friend for coffee or see your teachers in class, there are a few ways you can carry out this message. 

Start with Family

Perhaps one of the most convenient ways you can share love is within your home. You can spread kindness in various ways: do the dishes for your mom after dinner; play a board game with your siblings; draw a picture for your dad; and so many others! No matter what you choose to do, do it in love!

Use that Phone of Yours!

Most of us are fortunate to have phones, social media, and other messaging platforms. We’d like to encourage you to reach out to friends, relatives, and loved ones! Send a text to your grandma; snapchat your best friend; email a coworker! 

However you choose to live the pledge, remember to appreciate this time you are given. It may be a little crazy in the world around us, but we are in this together. So let’s live out hope (washed) hand in (washed) hand!