Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers in Wisconsin are on day 10 of COVID-19 lockdown.  My alarm goes off at 0330 every morning so I can make it to work before day shift employees arrive to get “screened” before entering the building.  Every morning I think… is this real??

We spend hours everyday connecting with CDC, Wisconsin Dept of Health, and our team learning about COVID-19 and what steps to take next.  It’s exhausting for all of us and I worry because we are not even in the worst of it yet.

As healthcare workers we worry about infecting our loved ones, being a carrier and infecting our co-workers, our patients.

People have asked how they can help.  First, STAY home if you can.  Pray for the mental health of everyone during this time.  Check on the elderly, people you know that are still working….. really, check in with as many people as you can to see how they are doing.  It might be your phone call, (Yes, actually call them because a text message isn’t connecting with someone during a time like this.  We need to hear your voice.) that makes someone’s fears lesson, makes someone feel not quite as lonely, gives someone the chance to voice their fears and anxieties, helps to make someone feel connected again.

Take care of yourself! We are in this together.