Breaking it Down: Start Small (The Pledge pt. 3)

The Dignity Pledge encourages those committed to be a person of “patience,” “goodness,” “faithfulness,” “gentleness,” and “a friend to all.” Now, this may sound like a lot to keep track of, but the best way to do is to start small. 

Some may think that in order to do all this, you have to hop on a plane and soar to the nearest poverty-stricken country to clean up beaches and build houses. Now, that may be the case for some of us, but you do not have to start there…

Start small. Patience can be done by slowing down and letting the person next to you enter your lane; goodness can be shown by holding the door open for the person behind you; faithfulness can be expressed through standing by a friend when they are going through a hard time; gentleness can be exemplified in saying “hi” to a little kid walking by; and being a friend can be done by talking to the shy kid in your math class. 

It’s okay if you save your plane ticket for another time. Right now, focus on how you can make a difference one small act of kindness at a time.