Breaking it Down: Choices (The Pledge pt. 2)

As the pledge reads on, it states that individuals commit to, “be loving, for love is not an emotion, but a decision,” and “to be a person of peace, that as far as it depends on me, I will be at peace with everyone.” These two important and crucial points bring up a significant word: Choice

Choices are something we make every day. What time to wake up, to eat for breakfast, to wear, and so on. Even though it may not be a common thought, love and peace are choices. 

Even when life becomes stressful; we can choose peace. Even when people are difficult to get along with; we can choose love. Even when every emotion but anger and frustration seems impossible to grasp; we can choose what we feel and how to treat others. 

We encourage you to make the choice. But remember, you are not alone. Let’s do it together!