Breaking it Down: Joy in the Challenges (The Pledge pt. 4)

The last points of the pledge says, “to always bring true joy everywhere, while sincerely acknowledging the sorrow, sadness, and brokenness in the world,” and “to be a person of self-control in society, whatever life brings.” These points are very unique and special to the Dignity Pledge. 

Unfortunately, life is filled with sorrow, challenges, and hard times. No one can escape the inevitable hardships that comes with existing. However, we have the power to create positive, happy, and loving communities in the world around us. This part of the Dignity Revolution pledge draws focus on the importance of being the change one desires to see. 

Even when it’s hard, we can make the choice to share and feel joy. When we see the brighter side, look for ways to help people, and do our very best, it is amazing to see how much better things may seem.