You Matter

You matter!

Do you know what you’re worth? Not in terms of money or belongings—those may seem important to the culture we live in, but they’re not the true measure of a person’s value. Your worth is in your unique character, your personality, and the talents you have to offer the world.

This isn’t a message we hear often enough, is it?

Television, movies, popular music and even your peers might try convincing you to wear certain clothes or own certain gadgets or cop a certain attitude in order to be cool. These influences often make bad choices look glamorous and smart.

But they’re not.

Popularity does not make something right or valuable. It only makes it common.

Would you rather be common—or extraordinary?

Your value is not up for grabs. Nobody else gets to decide who you are or whether or not you’re important. Nobody else gets to tell you what makes you cool or smart or funny. Why? Because there is nobody else like you. Pay close attention to what brings you joy and don’t worry about whether or not it’s what everybody else is doing. Just be YOU.

Because YOU are incredibly valuable just the way you are.