Middle and High School Challenge Materials Pack (Grades 6-12)



Get everything you need to infuse Dignity Revolution into your 6th-12th Grade classroom with the materials all set to go! This pack includes materials needed for 8 of the core lessons from the Middle and High School Curriculum plus extra items to help inspire change in your school or community.

Materials Pack Includes:

  • 1 Dignity Revolution Challenge Middle and High School 2nd Edition Curriculum (384 pages in length)
  • 5 Dignity Revolution Books to get your students understanding the purpose and story behind it
  • 1 Pledge Banner for students and staff to sign as they pledge to take a stand (61″x 21.5″ in size)
  • Middle and High School Lesson Materials Included:
    • 5 Magnet Ribbons (2″ x 3.75″ in size)
    • 5 Green Balloons
    • 25 Pre-cut Strings
    • 1 Window Cling (3″ x 3″)
    • 5 Blue Balloons
    • 25 Bandages
    • 25 Encouragement Bubbles (6.5″ x 3.75″ in size)
    • 25 Pledge Cards (3.5″ x 2″ in size)

Price is based on $5 per student, this pack would be used for 25 students. If purchased individually would cost $200 for all items but as a pack you get a great deal at only $125!

If you have any questions on what you should order based on your school or need a purchase order filled out to submit to your district for payment before purchase please contact us at info@dignitypledge.com  we’d love to help you!




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