Dignity Revolution Challenge Middle & High School Edition Curriculum (Grades 6-12) 2nd Edition




Dignity Revolution Challenge Middle and High School Edition is an evidence-based curriculum to teach kids skills in communication, bullying behaviors, mental health, wellness, and much more. This curriculum has over 30 hands-on and skill-based lessons that deal with tough issues facing our youth. It is a social emotional learning program that can be infused into any classroom. Don’t limit your students to only gaining this knowledge in health class, but give them tiny doses of practice using these skills all throughout their school day.¬†

This curriculum is newly printed in 2019 with MANY great updates and two times as many lessons since the original Teachers Guide book was launched in 2016. Within the Middle and High School Second Edition there are 14 lessons that make up the core of Dignity Revolution. Everything in the book is purposefully aligned with the National Health Standards to ensure you’re teaching on point.

 Each lesson is broken down into parts including:

  • Lesson Description
  • Overview & Outcome
  • Time
  • Preparation & Materials
  • Introduction
  • Activity
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Optional Handouts/ Activity Sheets

This book is spiral bound for convenience for copying and ease and 384 pages long.

If you have any questions regarding this curriculum or how it’s best to be used please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!