3 Back to School Tips for Students 

Establish an Enjoyable Routine. 

We’ve all heard that it’s important to get into a routine. But what makes routines even better is when it’s filled with things that we enjoy. For me, part of my daily routine includes going to a workout class and stopping at Starbucks! These are two things that I enjoy and that I look forward to, which makes it way easier to get out of bed in the morning. If my routine had nothing that I looked forward to, I would dread getting up every day. Whether it’s cooking a delicious breakfast or reading a good book every night before bed, find things that excite you and incorporate them into your routine! 


Create an At-Home Study Space 

Having your own place to study and do homework is important. It minimizes distractions and allows you to have a place where you know you’ll be able to focus. Find a place at home that you can designate as your study space, and to make it even more fun, you can decorate it to your liking and stock it up with school supplies like extra paper, post-it notes, markers, etc.!  


Plan Extra-Curriculars Wisely 

When I was in school, I remember picking all my favorite extra-curriculars but not actually thinking about how they would fit into my schedule. Doing this caused me to have super long days that were packed full with clubs and meetings, not to mention school and homework. When picking extra-curriculars this school year, make sure to consider how they will fit into your schedule. Will they allow you any free time? Will they overlap with each other? It’s important not to overbook ourselves, because we definitely don’t want to go down the road of burnout! 


By Lexi Breunig