I think I’m Depressed… What Do I Do?

With more and more information out there about mental illnesses, it has left so many of us wondering if we might have a mental illness, and if so… what do we do?? While there isn’t one set of steps that will work for everyone, we’ve listed 3 tips below for some next steps that you can take to address a potential mental illness. Remember, these are just tips and we are not claiming this to be a guaranteed method to treating depression. 

Don’t isolate- Isolation will often fuel depression, making it worse. Reach out to friends, family, or anyone that you can trust. Don’t expect these people to fix everything and make it better, but rather that they will be open and willing to listen to you.  

Get your body moving- With depression, sometimes just getting out of bed can seem daunting. However, moving your body has proven to have similar benefits to antidepressant medications, lessening the effects of depression.  

See a professional- Seeking help from a professional does not make you weak. It’s actually a huge sign of strength. If you’re a student, reach out to your school’s counseling center! If you are an adult, look up “mental health professionals near me,” and you’ll find tons of options.  

If you think you might have depression, know you’re not alone. Over 17 million adults (almost 10% of individuals 18 and older) suffer from depression. And luckily with the increase in education and awareness surrounding topics of mental illnesses, help is incredibly accessible.