2020 Memory

Is anything ever as good as we remember? I believe we tend to live in the glass half empty and remember with a glass half full. We pine for a glory of yesterday while bemoaning the imminent dread that accompanies the daily taxing of our essential responsibilities. The year 2020 presents a unique opportunity to have this no longer be the case. Very few people will look back and smile at a tumultuous presidential race interwoven with a global pandemic. Isolated seclusion was transformed from a concerning character trait to a heroic feat of accomplishment. Our well being took a back seat to our being well. Only in a race do you need to cross the finish line before you can begin again. It can still be storming when you start to see the rainbow. The perpetual swing of the pendulum in the other direction. A foundation built, character reinforced and the self-labeled personification of the very person you are. Your self-healing is not timed, never graded and always progressing. Use the memory of 2020 as a reminder that you are doing even better than you remember.