Distance Learning – By Kami Berg

It is crazy to think that we are in a time in history where “normal school” is not an option. It is mind boggling to think that the entire United States is trying a new type of learning called, “Distance Learning.!” For some people, it opens up new avenues to learning technology and a new way to communicate, but for others it brings sadness knowing we won’t see our “kids” each day. Then, for some of us it is a little of both.


During this time of Distance Learning, my students and I have learned a whole new way of communicating virtually. I am thankful that we have technology to still be together, but I still miss their smiling faces each day. It isn’t the same, but I am blessed that we have technology during this time.


Even though, this time has had trying times and difficult times; I have also found the JOY of finding time for me. Oftentimes when “normal school” is in session I forget to take care of me and forget that it is important to spend time with those I love. I get caught up going to school at 7 am and not getting home until 6 or 7pm. Then its the rush of dinner, grad school homework, and sleeping. This Distance Learning time has allowed me to refocus and live a more balanced lifestyle. I am able to be the BEST teacher I can be virtually to my lovely 3rd graders. I am available to help, chat, and walk them through situations. However, I am also able to turn off my computer in the late afternoon and go for a walk or bike ride with my husband, have intentional non-work conversations, and really decompress from my day so I can be a better teacher, wife, and friend.


I am thankful for this opportunity of growth in my life. It has allowed me to really reflect and be a more balanced person!