Emotional Intelligence and Academic Success

Emotional intelligence is important as it relates to academic success according to a new study. Emotional intelligences are not just important for the workplace but also for the school. Dignity Revolution focuses on social and emotional competencies as it relates to student’s emotional intelligence. Our goal is to build empathy and relationship through hands-on activities to further students understanding of themselves and others.

This study published in the journal Psychological Bulletin, is one of the first large-scale studies linking the connection between emotional intelligence and academic performance. Our Dice Game is one of our favorite activities to highlight because it helps student improve interpersonal communication skills through the use of dice, which enables them to discover and share authentic emotions and feelings. This builds community and helps them understand their own emotions and others. Again, pointing to the study above where this is going to help them in the long run to connect to their emotions of themselves and others. Dignity Revolution builds in these activities to start conversations and teach skills that can be lived out every day.

CITATION MacCann, C., Jiang, Y., Brown, L. E. R., Double, K. S., Bucich, M., & Minbashian, A. (2019, December 12). Emotional Intelligence Predicts Academic Performance: A Meta-Analysis. Psychological Bulletin. Advance online publication. http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/bul0000219