Holiday Grief by Joyel Vandenboogart

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! As the end of the year approaches, everywhere we turn people are telling you to be happy. As the holiday’s come near there are layers for many people. Although some celebrate with joy and thanksgiving for the blessings they are given, others have a huge hole in their hearts.  Many have recently lost someone they love and the holidays are a time of deep loss and surviving. Traditions that were once joyful are now painful reminders of the loved ones we so desperately wish were here to celebrate with and hold.


Grief comes in waves as you might have heard in the past… I believe this to be true. One moment you are happy and joyful and then next heartbroken and overtaken with emptiness. As you go into the season of Christmas may you walk with sensitivity knowing that social situations can be hard. That even if it seems like they are having fun on the outside there might be a hole or emptiness that is within. Let the tears be okay and listen to their heart.


Will you take time to  look and see if there might be someone who is actually dreading the holidays because of the emptiness and sit with them? Ask them about their loved ones and be present with them rather than having all the answers?