World Kindness Day!

Today is World Kindness Day!!

If people treat you rudely, it is on them. If you treat people rudely, it is on you. Often we find ourselves excusing it in the sense that they started or instigated the rudeness. How quickly we turn back the clock in both age and maturity when we feel wronged. If only they hadn’t done it first, started the fight to begin with, my actions would have never taken place. We often bemoan our own ability to own. Own the fact that our actions are our actions, regardless of the cause and effect. No one should deprive themselves of feeling true emotion the same way someone shouldn’t feel deprived of the respect in how they respond. Agreeing with someone is a choice based on individual logic and gathered information. Respect has also become a choice with an optional side of kindness. How will you treat a person today regardless of how they treat you?