A Message that Mends by Courtney Corrente

On November 6, 2018, immense sadness, shock, and hurt swept over Neenah High, when a sophomore student made the decision to end his own life. No one expected it and the event brought forth some difficult questions: Did I do something wrong? Why did he feel this was the answer? Could I have done something to keep him from doing this? 

A few months later, on February 11, 2019, a broken school, slowly began to heal as Bob Lenz brought the message of the value of life to Neenah. He discussed bullying and suicide by sharing a story of his best friend from high school. As students listened to the story of why a young man committed suicide, tears fell, but questions were being answered. 

As Bob’s message continued, Neenah High began to learn how they can stop this pain from happening in the future. Bob spoke of this saying,


 “You don’t have to let your problems, your pain, or your past take away your choices…you still have a choice.”


In that moment, every student and staff member learned that they have power; power to build up or tear down; power to let pain crush you or seek help from others; power to keep silence or the power to break it. 

So many hearts began to mend as this message penatrated the minds of so many hurting people. Neenah High was given heartbreak in November, but the Dignity Revolution assembly in February taught everyone the value of life and the power of each person.