What is Wellness? 

Wellness is a word that is often tossed around without full knowledge or background on all that it includes. Wellness is defined as a lifestyle of balanced, healthy attitudes and choices designed to improve your personal performance on a variety of levels and enhance the overall quality of your life. The 7 areas of wellness are:  

  • Social Wellness: The process of creating and maintaining healthy relationships through the choices we make.  
  • Physical Wellness: The process of making choices to create flexible, cardio-vascular fit, energetic, and strong bodies. The choices we make are related to exercise, nutrition, rest, sleep, stress management, management of injury and illness, and the use of drugs.  
  • Emotional Wellness: The process of accepting our worth, creating a, recognizing, and expressing our feelings, and talking to ourselves in healthy ways. Creating and maintaining a positive self-concept is also part of this process. 
  • Career Wellness: The process of making and maintaining choices related to work. It includes working in a job for which we are suited and from which we gain satisfaction.  
  • Intellectual Wellness: The process of using our minds to create a greater understanding and appreciation of the universe and ourselves.  
  • Environmental Wellness: The process of making choices which will contribute to sustaining or improving the quality of life in the universe, including air, water, and land quality. 
  • Spiritual Wellness: The process of discovering meaning and purpose in life and demonstrating values through behavior.  

Wellness is more than not being sick. It is about living a balanced lifestyle. Being well is critical for personal and academic success. Wellness is achieved through all dimensions of life.