How Can I Help? 

When we see that someone is struggling with their mental health, it can often be intimidating to address these concerns. We don’t want to alarm the person or make them think that something is wrong with them, but we also know that getting help is often needed. Below, we’ve listed 5 different ways that you can help the people in your life that might be struggling. 

  1. Know the warning signs: There are numerous warning signs that we can look out for that might indicate that someone is struggling. Click here to read about some warning signs of suicide. This link goes over 5 warning signs, but a quick google search will allow you to learn about tons more. When we know the warning signs, we’re better equipped and educated on what we need to look out for. 
  2. Find reliable resources (counselor, parent, pastor, helplines, etc.): Most of us are aware that we cannot do life alone. We need to have a support system that empowers us and gives us guidance. Consider creating a list of safe individuals that you feel comfortable referring someone to (or going to yourself) for if/when you might need them. 
  3. Refer these resources to people that might be struggling: If you’ve created a list of safe individuals that you feel comfortable going to, your next step can be to refer this list to people who might be struggling.  
  4. If you feel confident that someone needs help, persuade them to get help: If you feel like this person needs immediate help, refer them to someone who you think could help them and stay with them until help arrives. Also remember that it’s not our job to fix people who are struggling. All we can do is be a bridge to get them to where they need to go. 
  5. Affirm them: Going through a mental health crisis can take a hit to your confidence. If you know someone going through this, affirm them and let them know that they are seen, valued, and validated in their feelings.