Family Time

During the holiday season did you take time to unplug and just be? Did you take time to play charades with your family and put your phones away as you enjoyed a yummy meal? These are crucial in building bonds and healthy relationships. For example, at my house, my girls are very good at reminding us that there are NO toys or phones at the table. We enjoy what we call our highs and lows of the day. This gives us space to hear about their day at school and what was good and bad. Now my girls at four and five are very excited to share with us their blessings from the day. This gets more difficult when they are in their teens, yet if you build these habits in your family they will know there is safety in sharing. As a parent it is important to model what you want to be shared as well. If you never share you are having a bad day, your students are likely to share those things as well. There is a balance that you don’t only want to share the negative either. So enjoy the moments with your family and build time in the busyness of life to enjoy and have conversation. Take time during ALL seasons to prioritize what matters and make time for one another.

By Joyel Vandenboogart