Teachers…We Appreciate You

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a math teacher from a local high school. As we went back and forth discussing COVID and the struggles that accompany it, she told me:

“You know, at the beginning of this, when we all had to move to virtual, and parents had
to homeschool, we had so many people message us teachers and express their
appreciation to us. They would say things like ‘how do you deal with my child all day?’
or ‘wow, this is tough material, how do you remember all of it?’ …we felt so respected
and appreciated! Now we get emails from parents saying we aren’t doing enough…it’s
really hard.”

Have we really come to this? Have we stopped appreciating the value that good teachers have on the lives of youth?

These times have brought trials for every single person and they look different for everyone. While we are giving grace to ourselves and our families, we must also remember to give grace to those working in schools. They are doing what they can and putting themselves at risk in order to help our children succeed.

So let’s show our teachers that they are making an impact and we respect the work they do.

Teachers – thank you. You are impacting so many young people and we know that you are making a difference in the world!