Safer at home? By Anna Brayton

Something that’s been heavy on my heart.

I’ve had kids live in my home because it was DANGEROUS in their home. 😞

Safe at home is ONLY SAFE if you are PRIVILEGED to have a safe home. 😞

Before you shame someone for questioning the safer at home view, take a moment and respect that this is a tough subject. 😞

Safe at home for you is dangerous for others. 😞

Safe at home, alone, can make you not safe in your head from your thoughts.

Maybe safe at home marketing has it wrong….

‘Better for some at home’

I get it, that is not catchy.

This isn’t about whether you believe in the safer at home movement or not.

But can we agree, safe at home is for those privileged to have a safe home.

It’s for the privileged that have a system around them protecting them from themselves.


Please reach out if you know it’s not safer at home for you or someone you know.