“The Parents’ Role”
Excerpt from Out of the Fowler’s Snare
Chapter 35 page 189-190

The vast majority of parents want the schools to deal with
bullies. They are horrified to hear that their sweet innocent child might actually have a tendency toward being a bully. Most parents will work determinedly with the schools to avoid having their child labeled as such even in spoken words. Regrettably, there are some adult bullies who raise bullies of their own. When this happens, the children have a free-for-all with no parental intervention or
discipline. This is a sad and inappropriate lack of parenting.

So what kind of parent are you? Are you training a bully or one who will stand up for what is right? Even if its not your child but rather one who you have the opportunity to influence, every relationship and life matters. Be a world changer and make if your job to help stop bullying.