What is Your True Identity?

What is your true identity? By: Kathy Lamb


When I was a teen, I would describe myself as a chameleon. I could change according to my environment, or more literally, the people I was with at any given time. Be the studious girl…done! Be the fun, trumpet-playing band kid…BAM…done! Be the mostly invisible girl around the “cool” kids….also done! Be the daughter who was the good, obedient child, even while life was so unpredictable in a home with an alcoholic parent….done!

I didn’t really know who I was. I just wanted to be liked. I just wanted to fit in. I just wanted to matter, somehow, to someone!

Does this sound like you? I’m not surprised if it resonates with you! The teen years are when we all try to figure out who we are, what we believe, who our friends are, etc. I, like many of you, tried to fit in and it didn’t always work. I would compromise some of the things I knew I didn’t believe were right and then regret it afterward. I would be mocked and shamed by those same people I was trying so hard to fit in with. I can tell you now as an adult that it wasn’t worth it. But back then, I didn’t think I was worth it! I didn’t believe that I had any value and didn’t respect myself very much. I could look like the good girl and make good choices with my “good” friends, but just as easily turn around and do something stupid with other “bad” kids.

The issue was inside of me. It sounds like and probably looked like it was all about the outward choices, but it really came down to not listening to that voice inside that was truly me. We all have that voice, but we can be so very good at drowning it out – with our phones, dating, drugs or alcohol, partying, shopping, television, video games, and more.

What I want to challenge you with today is taking time just for you. Set time with yourself to be alone with no distractions. Take your journal with you. Sit quietly and really ask yourself these three things:

  1. Who do I pretend to be that I’m not?
  2. Who am I really, deep inside of me?
  3. What has to change for me to live my true identity, regardless of where I am or who I am with? I believe when we take the time to get alone and value ourselves enough to truly ask these questions, then we can see our true selves taking shape. Be who you truly were created to be – the healthiest, alive you that the world can’t wait to experience! Then tell us about what you have discovered. Be the difference in your world and start with YOU!