DATING: Who, When, Why?

Navigating the whole area of dating comes with many questions. Parents usually have ideas of what age you should be when you are allowed to date and they probably have good reasons for that. You may feel differently, but talk with your parents and try to come to an understanding. What are some of the questions you should ask yourself before dating anyone? Lets take a look…
1. Who should I date? You should know what are non-negotiables in the person you say yes to dating. Some of those might include their beliefs, their lifestyle choices, their habits. Some other things to consider that might be more negotiable might include their interests, their likes and dislikes, their dreams and aspirations, or their sense of humor.
2. When should I start to date? This is a question, as I said before, that your parents probably already have an opinion on and you should have that discussion with them. For yourself, you should consider the following question…
3. Why do I want to date? If you are trying to fill a hole in your life or have hopes of them making you happy, then that is really not a healthy reason to start dating. If you are wanting to be friends with that guy or girl first and then you start to develop feelings greater than friendship, then maybe considering dating is right for you.
It is important to not rush into a dating relationship. It’s important to have more of a desire to be a giving person in any relationship than in wondering what you can get out of it for yourself. Dating just to date isn’t necessarily the best idea. Be willing to only accept someone into your life and your heart who will respect you and care for you and that you will offer the same. Trust, maturity, honesty, purity, loyalty, devotion, respect, tenderness, and kindness are just some of the character traits to develop in yourself and then to look for in a possible relationship.
Once you are in a dating relationship, remember to treat that person with great care. They will most likely not be your future mate if you are dating as a young teen, but they will probably be someone else’s someday. Treat them as you want to be treated yourself. Respect yourself to never allow abuse in your relationships. Dignity for all is important as you head into the world of dating and is important in every relationship you will have.