February 23, 2022

Assembly Speakers

Tom Coverly – The Illusionist


Students of all ages respond to Tom’s message of hope with a touch of humor and magic! Tom Coverly gains students’ attention the moment he walks on stage using magic tricks, comedy, and audience participation.

With messaging that is captivating, emotional, powerful, and goes beyond the four walls of the school, the Dignity Revolution Assembly provides a cultural change in both the school and the community and has an impact that lasts long after the assembly is over.

Growing up, Tom was often bullied due to his size. His story relates to young people in a way that breaks down the toughest of hearts.  Tom has been speaking to teenagers for over 20 years.  He is known as one of the rawest, real & relevant youth speakers today! Tom caters the style of his talk to the age audience he is speaking to.