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Bob Lenz, the founder of the Dignity Revolution, speaks to half a million people each year. Since 1982, Bob has spoken in all 50 states to more than 7 million people. His public school assembly programs have been consistently rated among the best in the nation by school administrators, teachers, parents, and most importantly, students. His intense passion to instill hope in youth allows him to connect with their hearts and minds like no other speaker can, sharing experiences that help them deal with real-life while challenging them to make a difference in their world.

He explores issues like bullying, self-harm, suicide, and substance abuse while using his unique gift of humor. Somewhere between laughing at one of his embarrassing moments and getting choked up over a true story, students realize their hearts and minds have been changed.

This school assembly program includes an opening act to engage the audience. Following the opening act, Bob will share his powerful Dignity Revolution message. On a typical day, Bob and the team will do two assembly programs and a community event in the evening. The road team will arrive two hours prior to the assembly to set up the state-of-the-art sound, video, and light system. Students are dismissed 15 minutes before the program to the gym or auditorium. The program is a full 60 minutes beginning with a 15-minute opening act, followed by speaker Bob Lenz. At the conclusion, Bob encourages everyone to stand up for the value of every person by signing the Dignity Pledge. To book Bob for your next assembly fill out the booking form below.

For our elementary students, AJ the Animated Illusionist breaks down walls and brings a fun and interactive experience to a tough and challenging topic. AJ went to school for media arts and a minor in education and has been touring with the Dignity Revolution for over 20 years. Elementary children need bite-sized, snackable messages that touch their hearts and minds. AJ’s messages use kid-friendly terms and high-quality visuals that engage students in grades K-5. The program incorporates constant audience interaction and participation. The kids go wild with laughter and enjoy being part of the show. As part of the Dignity Revolution program, the presentation educates and empowers students to end bullying by elevating value, courage, and respect.

Book AJ the Animated Illusionist for your next Elementary School Assembly Program by filling out the form below.


Dignity Revolution is excited to announce two new assembly speakers, Tom Coverly and Terrence Talley. 

In Terrence’s assembly, you’ll hear some stories that will make you bust out laughing, but also stories that will fill the eyes with tears while inspiring students to reach out to others no matter the life situations that may be going on. Today, students face an uphill battle against bullying, peer pressure, family hurts, and life-altering choices. If we can help bring students together, give another option, heal some hurts and help realize positive life choices; we would have better students and a positive school atmosphere. Terrence’s hope is that students will know “that they matter and because they matter they can make a difference.” With the battle students face, they have to know there’s hope. If you’re looking for someone to encourage and inspire your school to keep going, Terrence has your back!

Tom Coverly gains students’ attention the moment he walks on stage. In the first 15 minutes of every assembly, he uses magic tricks, comedy, and audience participation as a way to capture attention as you have never seen before.  The remaining 30-45 minutes is a heart-to-heart talk using powerful stories and life-changing challenges.  This assembly is captivating, emotional, powerful, and goes beyond the four walls of the school. It changes and impacts lives long after the assembly is over.  Many teachers & principals have claimed these words, “Tom captured their attention in such an unbelievable way.  You could hear a pin drop as they listened to him.”His humor is 100% clean. No foul language.  He caters the style of his talk to the age audience he is speaking to.

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